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Back to Basics | Rehearsing in my Garage 

Last weekend, I got together with some good friends and colleagues to rehearse for our upcoming show in the SF Bay Area . The show is called PINOY ROCK REVUE and on vocals we have Basti Artadi (Wolfgang) and Raffy Mendoza (RockStallion), David Aguirre (Razorback) and myself on guitars, Paco Arespacochaga (Introvoys) on drums and Marc Yap (RockStallion) on bass.

We met up at my house and and after setting things up in my garage it hit me that this is exactly how we all started out when we were kids; no fancy rehearsal studio.... just friends rocking out in a garage until the neighbors complain!

Back to basics... good times!

Buy your tickets now for Pinoy Rock Revue at Ichiban South San Francisco, Dec 15, 2018

Welcome to my new site! 

Hi all! Welcome to my new website! 

I've been long overdue for a website update and I have finally found a platform that will allow me to interact better and offer you all a whole bunch of stuff in just one easy to navigate area!

It's a work in progress but eventually I will be offering purchasable lessons, merch, music, videos and everything else y'all have been asking from me!

Leave a comment down below for any requests, suggestions or reactions and please sign up for my MAILING LIST to keep up to date and also receive exclusive content and offers!