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PERF DE CASTRO visits Winnipeg April 22-28 2024 

Winnipeg! Here are details for my upcoming trip! Big thanks to Waterfront Collective Creators, Long & McQuade (Winnipeg) and Revv Amplification for bringing me over! Y'all ROCK! 

SCHEDULE: (Click links for more info)
April 23 - Kalesa Korner Meet and Greet
I'll have PDC Shirts and Panlipi Manila straps available at the merch table.
Email for Private lesson booking
Cheers and see y'all soon!

Still BEEFY. Still DIRTY. Now MINI! BAD94 Mini Perf De Castro Signature Distortion 

Hi all and Happy 2022!

New batch available!

The BAD94 is my signature distortion pedal based on the 90s classic Marshall Shredmaster with important tweaks. The bigger version was released June 2021 and due to public demand for smaller footprint and lower price, I'm releasing the BAD94 as a MINI pedal. Still BEEFY-Still DIRTY- Now MINI.


First batch of the BAD94 Mini is now available on my web store for the US/Canada and other International destinations. In the Philippines and Singapore, the BAD94 Mini is now available through Guitar PusherGC Rockboard96GuitarStudio and  Shopee Very limited stock on hand so get yours now!


The original BAD94 is still available at | in very limited numbers (2-3 units each)

More exciting news soon so stay tuned! 






BAD94 - The Perf De Castro Signature Distortion Pedal 


The BAD94 is  captures the sound and feel of my early career guitar solo tones. 

The BAD94 builds on the structure of my early 90s shredded meister pedal of choice, but updated with modern appointments such as top-mounted jacks, true bypass switching and pedalboard-friendly form factor. 

While the BAD94 shares the same controls (Vol, Gain, Bass, Contour, Treble) as the pedal it’s based on,  improvement tweaks like an extended treble end and a more musical gain range from big warm pushed Bluesiness to thick roaring Rock and Alternative Crunch to Singing Liquid Sustain makes it applicable to different musical situations and as versatile as the BAD94 signature namesake. These controls will allow you to adapt the BAD94 to any guitar and any amp and retain the core tone. 



  • Wide gain range from pushed breakup to thick crunch to liquid leads 
  • Volume, Gain, Bass, Treble and Contour controls 
  • True Bypass Switching 
  • CENTER-NEGATIVE 9vDC (internal 9v battery terminal available) 
  • PROUDLY Built in Philippines

Get your BAD94 - Perf De Castro Signature Pedal here:👇🏼


Guitar Pusher:





K.I.S.S. Guitar Setup Method 

In this video, I set up my guitar according to the Music Nomad KISS (Keep It Simple Setup) method.

AFFILIATE LINKS to everything used in this video:

My Audio Interface and my recording process 


Here's a 3-part video series featuring my audio interface, the Audient Sono. Aside from demoing the gear, you can get a peek into how I record bass and electric guitars into my DAW (Logic Pro)

Buy your Audient Sono here: (AFFILIATE LINKS)


PH: GC ROCKBOARD: *Use code GCPERF10 for 10% discount at checkout




Black Friday Gear Deals! 

Here are my gear recommendations for this week’s Black Friday Deals! (All links are affiliate links which are of no extra cost to you but gives me a small commission to support my work) 



The REVV G20 amplifier is on sale at Sweetwater, get 15% off this limited purple edition that’s just like the G20 that I personally use


The Eventide H9 Max Dark comes with a free OX-9 Aux Switch which is essential to use this pedal live. PLUS register your H9 Max as soon as you receive it and you get the entire H9 Series Plugin Bundle for free until Dec 31.2020! Smoking deal! 

Headrush Gigboard

The Headrush Gigboard is my workhorse multiefx pedal and for a limited time you get a FREE Headrush expression pedal when you buy now


Click here to shop all the Black Friday deals at Sweetwater! 



For those outside the US, I have links for you as well! 




Of course Black Friday includes #PRACTICEMAKESPERFECTO merch! Use discount code PDCMERCH11 at the following sites:


My picks for Amazon Prime Day 2020 

My Recommendations for Amazon PRIME Day. 

Amazon PRIME Day happens Oct 13-14 and epic deals can be had so I’ve compiled all my recommendations in one post to help you along with your shopping. ***Please note that all links are affiliate links, they’re of no extra cost to you and I get a small commission for my recommendations*** 

Mooer Air P10 digital wireless - Mooer has finally offered a compact digital wireless in their range. Solid build with 4 channels, reversible positioning, ultra low latency and uncompressed sound… all coming in at a great price! It’s a must-have 

Music Nomad Guitar Care - I love Music Nomad products, they make it easy to clean and maintain our precious guitars with their tools and cleaners. Here are the must-haves in home guitar cleaning station 


XSonic Xtone Pro Audio Interface - the Xtone Pro is the ultimate audio interface for guitar players, works with everything, iPhones, iPads and Computers! You can watch my full demo  video here. 

You can also check out all Amazon’s best selling items in Musical Instruments

And their awesome Prime Music service 

Happy Shopping!

PERFTREON - Website Membership Subscription! 


Hi all! Excited to announce that I'm finally opening member subscriptions to my website!  Your monthly support will help me create more music and content on an ongoing basis. 

  • Access to all digital goods including PDF TABs, MP3 Backing Tracks and Video Lessons 
  • Access to members-only content  and resources (private TABs and backing tracks, behind-the-scenes stuff) 
  • Early access to new videos and music releases 
  • Your name included in the credits of my videos 
  • Members-only posts/comments/questions/suggestions that will be answered personally

Thank you so much for your generous support and I will see you guys in the members-area!

Farewell, Chapman Norseman 

Sometimes musicians need to sell their instruments to make ends meet, especially during these trying times with no gigs and live performances.

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R.I.P Julian Bream (1933-2020) 

I never had the chance to meet or watch you perform live but all your recordings and videos taught me all the wonderful tonal colors that you masterfully pull out of the guitar! You'll be forever in my heart. 

Here is Manuel de Falla's "Homenaje de Debussy", one of Julian Bream's last recorded video performances.